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Our Coaches

Our club is blessed with some very experienced and friendly coaches who are all determined to make sure you meet your training goals. If you're looing for a little advice on training give them a tap on the shoulder at the group run or leave a message on this site for them to get in touch.

The Coaches: Meet the Coaches

Joanne Thorburn

Club Chairperson & Group A Coach

Joanne has been with us since the start and a real force of nature when it comes to making things happen! Joanne is the leader of the club and helps organise everything we do. She drags the rest of the Group A along with her determination and pony tail! Always great to know if you're looking for a long run on a Sunday morning.


Alistair Macdonald

Head Coach & Group A Coach

Someone who has a passion for running and is renowned for keeping the chat going from start to finish. Determined to get the best out of you and supportive in reaching your potential. Oftens likes to throw in the occasional hill. 


Joanna Wallace

Vice-Chairperson & Group A Coach

Not only one of our coaches but also a qualified personal trainer. Joanna is regular boot camper and a real speed demon on a run! She’s been in the club since day 1 quickly became a coach in group A. A lover of hills and speed, she loves to get the best out of people and isn’t afraid to push people to help them find their limits! A firm believer in “if it doesn’t hurt, then you’re not running fast enough” you’ll thank her in the end however at the time you might think she just enjoys the torture!


Johnny Crowther

Treasurer & Group B Coach

Our club treasurer and overall good guy. He's a great motivator if you're struggling to keep plodding on because he's probably suffering more than you are! Always up for a social gathering and a good guy to talk to about craft ale!


Liz  Holmes

Welfare Officer & Group C Coach

One of our group C coaches, Liz's cheery personality is infectious and really helps to keep the spirits up of those running with her. Liz is a foreigner from south of the border and claims to be from Liverpool (she’s really from Prescott but I’d lie about that too!)  She’s a really solid coach and is always there to push people, never leaving anyone behind. An experienced marathon runner she’s pounded pavements all over the UK. She swears she’s retired from them but we’re not sure if we believe her!


Adam Wicklow

Group B Coach

Although he still considers himself a novice, Adam is a consistent runner who is friendly and approachable. 

Adam helps with coaching in groups B and C and is always eager to help others begin or progress in their running journey.

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