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Running can seem simple but you may still have some questions, hopefully you'll find answers below!


What kind of training do the coaches have?

Our coaches not only undergo a strict selection process but also take time to ensure they are suitably trained to guide your fitness journey. Our coaches are all leaders in running fitness on UKA website. Some have successfully achieved their Coach In Running Fitness (CIRF) qulaification others are working their way through the course.

I'm new to running, how fit do you need to be?

As rule we would ask that you can run 5k without needing to stop as a minimum. There are Couch to 5k intakes run occasionally to help new members gain the required fitness to join the club, details of the next intake will be posted in the events section and on the Facebook page.

Ok, that's great for the entry level people but I see myself as more of an experienced runner, is this club suitable for me?

The club has a wide range of abilities entry level of being able to run 5k without stopping to those who can run 10km in less than 40 mins and sub 3:15hr marathons. If that seems too easy, I’m sure someone will try to push themselves a little harder!

What equipment do I need?

The beauty of running is how simple it is to start! You only need a pair of running shoes (preferably a pair of shorts and a T shirt too unless you want to cause a scene!)

How many times should I run each week

The answer depends on what level do you want to run at? We would recommend aiming for 3 runs a week ranging from 5k to 15km but it all depends on your natural fitness levels and what you're training for. Someone training for a marathon will be spending more time out there than someone who is focussed on maintaining a good level of fitness. A general rule is the fastest runners in the group cover the most miles every year!

Do you only run on a Tuesday night?

The main club run is held on a Tuesday evening but there are other sessions people are welcome to join in with through the week. Club members are invited to attend the Cambuslang Harriers Monday night speed session and club members regularly meet for a long run on a Sunday morning which all are welcome to join. On Saturday mornings many of us take part Parkruns (usually Tollcross, Strathclyde or Drumpellier) and there is usually someone up for a social run at other points in the week. The best way to arrange this is via the Facebook page.

How much do I have to pay?

Our monthly fees are £5, payable on the first Tuesday of the month. These help us cover things like maintaining training levels for the coaches, club funded transport to races and liability insurances.

Do I have to attend all of these sessions?

We all have busy lives; most of us work and many of us have families. We know that can make it hard to fit everything in. We love having as many people as possible with us at our sessions but we don’t expect everyone to make it all the time. We even have a member who lives in England and only joins us for a run when he’s up here visiting! If you can’t make it every Tuesday that doesn’t mean you can’t join the club but we do ask that if you want to be a member that you pay your monthly fee regardless of your attendance. This helps to pay for our ongoing costs!

I like your top, where do I buy official Newton Road Runners merch?

I’m glad you asked.

We have partnered with Migo Sports and they produce a variety of clothing to suit your needs and most importantly feature our club logo to help people know you’re part of one of the best clubs around (I’m unashamedly biased.) Go to for details of what they offer.

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