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Tuesdays are the more structured runs with set routes and 2 main groups, a long and a short option. On Thursdays there’s a newly formed group run which is a simple 30 min ‘out & back’ with everyone welcome to take part!

Thursday night out & back

Thursday nights are what you make them, 15 mins out and then turn and run back to the start, ideally getting back on the 30 min mark. Open to all abilities and up to you whether you make it short and steady or want to treat it as a time trial. Everyone meets at the usual place at the train station and then everyone has a short warm up run to the start of the Clyde path for the fun to start!

Tuesday Night Long run

The Tuesday Night long run is a good opportunity to add a little distance to your training routine. Typically the route is around 10km -14km and caters to a variety of speeds but tends to feature the quicker runners in the club.

Tuesday Night Short Route

This route is a little shorter as you would probably guess! The route tends to be between 7km - 10km and accomodates all paces.

Monday Night Speed Session

A regular session focussed around improving speed! Short sprints repeated to really stretch those legs, all abiliites welcome!

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