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Groups A, B & C all meet at 6:30pm on Tuesdays, the Couch to 5k groups meet at 6pm (check availability!)On Thursdays there’s a newly formed group run which is a simple 30 min ‘out & back’ with everyone welcome to take part.

Running Up

Group A

Group A is made up of the fastest Newton Road Runners and to be in this group you need to be able to run a sub 50 min 10k to keep pace however some even get sub 40 min!


Group B

This group is for the intermediate runners and the criteria is to be able to run a sub 55 min 10k.


Group C

Group C is usually the entry level of the club and time is less important than being able to run a 5k without needing to stop. That said, the expectation is that runners should be aiming to do this in fewer than 30 mins. Runs are often a little easier and shorter than the group A & B routes also.


Couch to 5k

This is a temporary group with the aim of training those who wish to start running to be able to enter Group C. New intakes will be advertised when available.


Thursday night out & back

Thursday nights are what you make them, 15 mins out and then turn and run back to the start, ideally getting back on the 30 min mark. Open to all abilities and up to you whether you make it short and steady or want to treat it as a time trial.Everyone meets at the usual place at the train station and then everyone has a short warm up run to the start of the Clyde path for the fun to start!

The Groups: News & Updates
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